Marianne Luban
Ankhkheperure Meritaten
Fri Sep 2, 2016 11:12

Reeves wrote that there are 47 sequins of the same type and all from the same die that were on a garment. The sequins have a double cartouche, with one saying "Ankhkheperure" and the other "Meryaten". No "Meritaten" on those.

  • re: Ankhkheperure MeritatenMarianne Luban, Fri Sep 2 10:58
    Jaime: "The answer was in the link I send all along. Stupid me for not seeing all the items listed at once. Here, Meritaten is in clear association... more
    • Ankhkheperure Meritaten — Marianne Luban, Fri Sep 2 11:12
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