Marianne Luban
re: the age of kv55
Tue Sep 6, 2016 09:30

I wrote:

"So it is Neferneferuaten on that box element and she did not need a wife. Akhenaten did--and that Great Royal Wife was now Meritaten"

"Yes it is Neferneferuaten, female pharaoh, which is what I said. But who says Akhenaten needed a Great Wife? The period where Akhenaten and Neferneferuaten overlapped is probably quite short - part of year 16 and the incomplete year 17 at best, no matter who is Great Wife to whom. As I said before there is no certain depiction of a royal couple Akhenaten / Merytaten extant, although it seems that there is a depiction of Akhenaten / Neferneferuaten posed as a royal couple. Since everyone knew that Neferneferuaten was a female pharaoh, and was still married to Akhenaten (whence the epithets) I do not see that a vacancy exists."

A titular vacancy exists because one cannot have kingly titles and be styled "Hmt nsw wrt" at the same time. Therefore, that title was given to Meritaten. If two kings are named on the same box element, after which comes a woman called "queen", common sense dictates that she is a wife of one of the kings--the one who was actually a male.

You said you did not know why the KV35YL was assigned an an age of up to 35 in the Cairo CT-scan project. I own the book "Scanning the Pharaohs" and it only says ""Judging from the condition of the epiphyseal union and closure of cranial sutures, the age at death was between 25 and 35 years."

The authors of this book also mention, in connection with the KV55 individual, a study that I do not remember being cited here--although it might have been. That is the 1988 study of J.E. Harris and Fawzia Hussein, "who concluded that the occupant of KV55 had died when he was 35".

So there is the impasse, as it is not going to be possible, at present, even with state-of-the-art radiology, to narrow down the age-at-death of an individual without leaving a window of ten years, as one can see in the case of the Younger Lady. The camps of "Akhenaten" and "Smenkhkare" will probably remain until something emerges from archaeology specifically naming the father of Tutankhamun or his mother. Because, ever since 1921, new information about this young king has been uncovered, one way or another, it's not impossible that more will be. There's not much to do but wait.

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    Hi Marianne Thank you for your comments. I wrote "(and no objects attesting to a coregency of Amunhotep III and Akhenaten)." Perhaps I could have phrased that better. What I am trying to say is that... more
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        This site gives information as to how cranial sutures are used in determining age of skeletal remains:... more
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