boris banjevic
Wed Oct 12, 2016 07:09

Can someone give me answer about the new reconstruction KEL G after eponym Dadaja before eponym Atanum. Bajramovic et. all. (2012) ejected Ibni-Adad, Atamar-Ishtar and Ishme-Dagan. Traces of a name (-Adad), (Dagan) and (Ashur) occur in MEC Chronicle. Besides Ani-x -x = Enam-Ashur.

    • Re: KEL G and MECTory, Thu Oct 13 00:05
      Hi Boris For what its worth, after the last limu in KEL G which is Ani-x-x (KEL G 69) I have the following sequence. I begin with KEL G 56 to give more scope: KEL G 56 Dadaya = MEC B L ... S.24.1... more
      • Re: KEL G and MECRobert P. Killian, Thu Oct 13 06:18
        Hi Tory & Boris, This is an attempt to synchronize our biblical/secular timeline. Please consider: If, KEL G 57 Puzar-Nirah = MEC C 1 (64th) 2047AM, 1818BCE, was the birth of Rebecca, future wife of... more
      • KEL G and MECboris banjevic, Thu Oct 13 01:46
        Hi Tory, here is the list which I have found in the site bellow: (Bajramovic 2012 et. all). You can see that Ani-x-x= Ennam-Aššur, there is no room for older Ahiyaya, the other Šalim-Aššur or so.... more
        • Re: KEL G and MECTory, Thu Oct 13 03:22
          Hi Boris, The website claims it is still working on the list of Old Assyrian limus and that corrections and suggestions should be submitted. So the data supplied by G. Barjamovich and Th. Hertel is... more
      • KEL G and MEC (nm)boris banjevic, Thu Oct 13 01:43
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