Rich McQuillen
Tower of Babel
Wed Oct 12, 2016 11:26

I watched an old documentary last night... Secrets of the Bible: Tower of Babel. This was a David Rohl theory.
Note: David Rohl is a friend of mine on facebook.

On Rohl's New Chronology... it has been generally noticed that the standard biblical chronology timeline do not seem to line up with standard archaeological timelines. So David's approach is let's move the archeology timelines to align with biblical timelines.

I kind of like carbon dating and have an admiration for the two hundred years of the archaeology profession and thousands of scholars and have taken the opposite approach... let's move the biblical timelines to fit with Archaeology. David and I have mutually agreed that our timeline approaches are incompatible.
The topic at hand... so in the documentary, he proposes Eridu(?) in Sumeria in the 2000BC range.
So what I see is Nimrod is a descendant of Noah through Cush.

With the Noah flood being Santorini, I have "Peleg" in the timeframe of Amenhotep III(Nimmuriya). And in this time-frame, we also have Niqmaddu I in Ugarit.

I don't have an answer yet for "BBL"... I suppose I should review Egyptian city lists with bbl in this timeframe.

I was considering something like a temple of Baal as a watchtower or lighthouse possibly corresponding with this "Tower of Babel"... but Baal doesn't have two b's, so it seems unlikely.

Just a fun topic to discuss. :) Does anybody have any thoughts?

    • Tower of BabelRobert P. Killian, Thu Oct 13 07:49
      Hi Rich, The real secret of the Bible: Tower of Babel is: Birth of Noah, in 182 Lamech is: 1056AM, 2836BCE. Add, 600 years to: Flood in 600th year of Noah in: 1656AM, 2236BCE. Birth of Cush in 1st... more
      • Re: Tower of BabelAnonymous, Tue Nov 1 13:07
        Umm... R.P. Killian wrote: "Death of Nimrod at 215yrs & Abraham at 175yrs: 2123AM, 1769BCE." In reply: No, I rather think dates for Abraham's life are 2273-2098 BCE. This dating is based on the... more
        • Tower of BabelRobert P. Killian, Tue Nov 1 14:14
          Dear Anonymous, To view a color-copy of "The Holy Bible" 'Chronicle' of Sequential Biblical Events, from which my dates are taken, you may wish to 'click-on' and scroll-down... more
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