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Thu Dec 22, 2016 02:19

Hi Rich

Twosret was indeed a pharaoh, not a governor of some Libyan nome. But she does not have to be female-pharaoh in Egypt at the time of the Torjan war unless one is trying to salvage the defective information in Manetho/Ptolemy. Egyptologists still believing in the myth of Manetho the supposed native Egyptian historian of the 3rd century BC are embarrassed by this datum, and want to pretend "Manetho" did not write about Twosret that she is the man Polybus mentioned by Homer. And yet this nonsense appears in all copies of Manetho's so-called epitome. Yes Manetho did write it, but he wrote it during the reign of Augustus, which is the actual time in which he lived, or Ptolemy of Mendes wrote it under his name. Manetho does not even know his Homer that well. Polybus was just "dwelling" in Thebes in Egypt. He and his wife Alcandra were not the king and queen of Egypt (Hom. Od. iv. 126). The leap Manetho makes is not one that a truly native Egyptian high priest of Egypt would make. It is one that a Greek or a Roman historian who was raised in Egypt might make.


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    Hi Tory, Your article is almost entirely correct and a wonderful and nearly prototypical read for any Historian. Manetho does have flaws and different versions have different flaws. And it is hard to ... more
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