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Mon Jan 9, 2017 00:39

Hi Jaime O

Thanks for answering my list of questions.

A) 732 BCE, was 13th year of Tiglath-Pileser III's reign.
B) Retzin of Damascus died in 732 BCE. Did Pekah die too?

I do have 701 BCE, for Hezekiah's 14th "sole" BUT, 28th (total) to that point, since I think Hezekiah co-reigned from 11yrs of age in 729 BCE, to the death of his father in 716/715 BCE, when he WAS 25yrs old. Then, I have him "sole" king for the next 14yrs, from 716/715 BCE, to Sennecherib's 3rd campaign "attack" in 701 BCE. (Obviously, Sennecherib was not killed by one of his own sons,---for another 20 YEARS)!! The Jewish 'story' implies otherwise! I wonder,---why?

Tory and Kim already have my paper "The Gordian Knot of the Hebrew Kings". ---I can email you a copy,---Jaime O,---if you have the inclination and opportunity to email me .

Perhaps, we can make some collective progress in agreeing on some of these sequential biblical event timeline dates.



  • Re: SesonchosisJaime O, Sun Jan 8 16:10
    Hi Bob, thank you for your questions. Allow me to respond for myself. A) 732 BCE was the 13th year of Tiglath-Pileser III's reign. It is not my belief that any dates lower that 911 BCE (Adad-Nirari... more
    • Re Sesonchosis — Robert P. Killian, Mon Jan 9 00:39
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