Rich McQuillen
re: Siptah
Sat Jan 28, 2017 15:55

"Comparing the DNA of this Unknown Woman D and that of Siptah also found in KV35 might reveal something to add to the body of knowledge of the final years of Dynasty 19 and of course a DNA test for the putative mummy of Seti II is essential"
-- Great Article! A little off topic response, here.

I have an underdeveloped theory that Siptah=Biblical Joseph. And that his Canaanite Mother, Sutalijah=Jacob's wife Leah. The tale of two brothers was written around this time... which has also been linked to Joseph. (Note: I see the parallels to Aegyptus and Danaus, from the article, but I have them in the time of AMII).

The name Zephnath Paneah even slightly resembles. SiPtah.

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    This does not have the potential of throwing off the chronology of the New Kingdom by much, but I am becoming convinced that perhaps we are missing a 19th Dynasty king on the roster. See my latest... more
    • re: Siptah — Rich McQuillen, Sat Jan 28 15:55
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