Michael Liebig
Re: Kolińskiís Mari Chronology
Mon Jan 30, 2017 09:17

Hi Joe,

the end of Zimri-Lim is fixed in the reign of Hammurabi of Babylon and Kolinski donīt shorten the reign of Zimri-Lim.
But he extend the reign of Yasmah-Adad by one year.
As a result the end of Shamshi-Adad I moves backwards one year, mit all depending dates (Ekallatum, Eshnunna).
Babylon does not change. The only event in the year names of Hammurabi with a indirectly connection to events with Shamshi-Adad is the seizure of Rapikum (Hammurabi year name 11). But the alteration of Shamshi-Adadīs years is not problematic in this matter.


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    • Re: Kolińskiís Mari Chronology — Michael Liebig, Mon Jan 30 09:17
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