Joe Baker
3147′N 3513′E now and then
Wed Feb 8, 2017 20:56

  • Where is Jerusalem?Tory, Tue Feb 7 12:07
    Here are just some of the problems. 1. Unlike Josephus, the Romans did not make any distinction whatsoever between Samaritans and Jews. Both were "Iudeans" as far as Romans were concerned. 2. When... more
    • Re: Where is Jerusalem?Delvon, Tue Feb 14 17:36
      Hi Tory Lol, I'm not sure if I understand what you mean. Are you saying 3 cities called Jerusalem: Arad, Gerizim-Shechem and Jerusalem during the first temple period? "Even Josephus' location of... more
      • Re: Where is Jerusalem?Tory, Wed Feb 15 05:03
        Hi Delvon Yes in the past I would have attacked anyone who challenged Jerusalem's location, even Josephus. But living here in Israel, as I have now for many years, is a lot different than reading... more
    • 3147′N 3513′E now and then — Joe Baker, Wed Feb 8 20:56
      • Aelia 3147′N 3513′E now and thenTory, Thu Feb 9 14:10
        Josephus: Gibeon is 40 stadia from Jerusalem Bethlehem is 20 stadia from Jerusalem Gibeon sits in the valley that extends to Bethlehem Jerusalem is next to Masada All four of these claims are made by ... more
        • Josephus on Gibeah: Versions of a Toponym Rich McQuillen, Thu Feb 9 20:10
          An interesting topic, I wish I could read the rest of the article. Josephus on Gibeah: Versions of a Toponym
          • Rich The author does not talk about our issue. He is concerned with Gibeah not Gibeon. And he thinks Josephus is confused about the former's identity and location. No mention is made of the fact that ... more
            • GibeonTory, Thu Feb 9 23:52
              The jar-handles found at Al Jib in the 1950s have GB'N stamped on them. This is supposedly proof that Al Jib is the site of biblical Gibeon. Yet no one has asked the elementary questions: did the... more
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