Thu Feb 9, 2017 23:52

The jar-handles found at Al Jib in the 1950s have GB'N stamped on them. This is supposedly proof that Al Jib is the site of biblical Gibeon. Yet no one has asked the elementary questions: did the wine from these jars simply come from Gibeon, or was the wine destined for Gibeon, and that's why they needed the stamp. The idea that the jars prove the identity of the site, despite all other evidence to the contrary, is rubbish. My coffee mug says made in Singapore.


  • Rich The author does not talk about our issue. He is concerned with Gibeah not Gibeon. And he thinks Josephus is confused about the former's identity and location. No mention is made of the fact that ... more
    • Gibeon — Tory, Thu Feb 9 23:52
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