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Wed Feb 15, 2017 20:48

Hi Kim

I will have to look at Ian's paper, but since it appears to be a criticism of Thijs' work I don't know how much it will shed any new light on what we already know.

"It was not a calendar in everyday use, just a system used by the temples to coordinate service days and some festivals, that is, in a predictive fashion. Astronomically calculated phases are not necessarily coincident with this "calendar" but cannot be more than one solar calendar day out."

This is what I have been saying about the Hebrew calendar from the new material discovered at Qumran and in the Jewish Pseudipagrapha. There is no "lunar calendar" per say. Lunations were simply tracked but there was no calendar based on the moon. It's no different than printed Gregorian calendars today. These all show the lunations of the moon (the basic four phases) on specific Gregorian dates throughout the year. No one considers this a "lunar calendar" existing alongside the Gregorian solar calendar. The Hebrews and the Egyptians had nearly identical systems.

I guess I'm still not sure what you mean about Šedsunefertum. He does serve Siamun, as a regular prophet, and later Sheshonq II, as a high priest.

Sobaka's highest year date of 15/16 is ending 720 on my time-line. This is his retreat from Lower Egypt to Thebes and Kush. I'm not expecting there to be year dates in Egypt for Sobaka higher than 15/16.

I don't know you mean by no evidence of Assyrian governors in Lower Egypt as early as 720. What I'm saying is that Lower Egypt, now led by Osorkon IV, became a tributary of Assyria following the battle of Raphia and that is Sargon II's explicit claim. I never said Assyrian governors took over Lower Egypt at this time.

Regards Tory

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    Hi Tory Ian Mladjov (once a regular contributor to this forum) has an article in Birmingham Egyptlogy journal, which can be downloaded free here... more
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