Joe Baker
Re: Freydank’s 2016 Update
Sat Feb 18, 2017 01:32

Hi Michael

Sorry for the delay - too many things happening right now to get much time to write.

I was only agreeing with Freydank’s rejection of Ninuʾayu BEFORE Abi-ili. However I do not agree with his implied placement of Ina-Aššur-šuma-aṣbat AFTER Abi-ili and Salmanu-šuma-uṣur. Placing Ina-Aššur-šuma-aṣbat BEFORE Abi-ili and Salmanu-šuma-uṣur overcomes the problem with Aššur-iddin being (temporarily) replaced by Salmanu-mušabši as sukkallu rabiʾu. My scheme has Salmanu-mušabši replacing Aššur-iddin, sometime after the limu year of Ina-Aššur-šuma-aṣbat and before the limu year of Abi-ili, when Aššur-iddin either died or was removed from office. So there is no need to suppose, as does Bányai in NABU (2013/4) 85, that Aššur-iddin was removed from office and later returned to that office.

Back in post 13074 (31 May 2012), I last posted my (partial) list of Tukulti-Ninurta limus and it placed Ina-Aššur-šuma-aṣbat BEFORE Abi-ili and Salmanu-šuma-uṣur. Here is a sample and next to it a modification since then (Ber-išmanni moves up two places).

   POST 13074              NOW
16 Aššur-zera-iddina Aššur-zera-iddina
17 Ellil-nadin-apli Ellil-nadin-apli
18 Ina-Aššur-šuma-asbat Ina-Aššur-šuma-asbat
19 Abi-ili Ber-išmanni
20 Šulmanu-šumu-usur Abi-ili
21 Ber-išmanni Salmanu-šumu-usur
22 Ber-nadin-apli Ber-nadin-apli

The placing of Ina-Aššur-šuma-aṣbat (6 years) BEFORE Abi-ili and Salmanu-šuma-uṣur has also been argued by Jakob (Stefan Jakob, Sag mir quando, sag mir wann …, in Time and History in the Ancient Near East, L. Feliu, J. Llop, A. Millet Albnŕ, J. Sanmartín (editors), (2013) 509-523). – Although I disagree with Jakob on his placement of Ninuʾayu one year before Abi-ili and Salmanu-šuma-uṣur.

Now I do agree with Freydank, in his new book, that there is data available that does support at least one career being interrupted. Wiggerman in his arrangement of the careers of the three known Tell Sabi Abyad abarakku rabiʾus under Ili-pada has their order as: Manu-ki-Adad – Buriya (some 3 years at the transition between Tukulti-Ninurta and Aššur-nadin-apli) – Tammittu. Freydank would rather have Buriya temporarily interrupting the career of Tammittu, thus transferring some of the limus associated with Tammittu up into the time of Tukulti-Ninurta (which, in turn, frees up several limu year positions in the years following Tukulti-Ninurta).

Regards Joe

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