Joe Baker
Re: Freydank’s 2016 Update
Mon Feb 20, 2017 08:09

Hi Michael

I would be very interested to learn Salah’s placements. I may have to order his book (still translating Freydank’s one - fortunately it comes with as a book and as a copyable electronic pdf version which makes for easy translation. Salah’s book only version would require photocopying and converting to an OCR word version which than can be translated). He has put the first few pages of his book on which ends with his Forward. In here he does give a far to brief and very limited summary.

His work obviously goes far beyond Röllig’s 2004 paper on Dur-Katlimmu lists so I will assume any improvement of limu placement is due to additional texts. He says that the 81 lists he provides enable a reconstruction of a 54 years series of limus from year 3 Salmanu-ašared (Aššur-kašid) to year 24 Tukulti-Ninurta (Ber-nadin-apli). This is the earliest I have seen Aššur-kašid placed (but I have always favoured such a situation). It is also one of the latest I have seen for the end of the Dur-Katlimmu archive. Possibly he has inserted 2 extra limus into the middle years of Tukulti-Ninurta. Bloch has 24 Dur-Katlimmu Tukulti-Ninurta limus by adding in Ninuʾaya and Adad–šamši. However Salah places his “unknown limu Adad-šamši son of Aššur-mušabši ... directly after Ber-nadin-apli” - so outside of his 24 Dur-Katlimmu Tukulti-Ninurta limus.

He does list the following notices.

  1. Ellil-nadin-apli before Aššur-bel-ilani and Aššur-zera-iddina
  2. The already known Abi-ili son of Katiri followed directly by Salmanu-šuma-uṣur
  3. Ber-išmanni directly followed Salmanu-šuma-uṣur

Now 1 is new to me. 2 is well known and 3 was my previous position. Salah places Ellil-nadin-apli at least 6 years before Ber-išmanni but back in 2001 Jakob, on the basis of ration lists from Tell Chuera, said the difference should only be a maximum of 4 years. Wonder what information Salah has to suggest otherwise? It appears Salah has the sequence.

X+ (one or more limus)
24 Ber-nadin-apli
-- end Dur-Katlimmu limus
25 Adad-šamši son of Aššur-mušabši

I do not know where he gets his “unknown limu Adad-šamši son of Aššur-mušabši” since Salah’s Forward implies he is not found in the Dur-Katlimu archive.

Speaking of archives. On the Dur-Katlimmu archives, Freydank says Salah’s work came out too late for him to utilise. On the Tell Chuera archives, Freydank is silent. On the Tell Sabi Abyad archives, Freydank does have a 2014 lecture summary of Wiggermann’s research but does not provide a commentary as he says he will leave that for Wiggermann to publish (but states that he does not agree with some of Wiggerman’s assignments - see my last post). He also completely ignores the Tell Taban archives including Daisuke Shibata’s 2007 paper which lists 2 new limus (Sin-uballiṭ and Nabu-bela-uṣur) whom he dates to ca. 1200 on prosopographical grounds. Freydank could possibly have a hard time placing them into his already full list of limus around this time.

Regards Joe

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