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Hi Kim

Thank you for your reply and these minor corrections to my Saite chronology. I was in bit of a rush. As I said, my wife uses a stop watch every time I sit down at the computer to do historical research and write. That's the deal until my research starts paying bills.

Nekau II (609-594) accession IV-prt 16 (Aug 28, 609)
Nekau II coronation I-smw 15, year 1 (Sep 26, 609) Full Moon
Birth of priest Psamtek, III-smw 1, year 1 (Nov 11, 609)
Year 2, I-smw 15 (Sep 26, 608)
Year 16, I-smw 15 (Sep 24, 594)
Apis death, II-3kt 6, year 16 (Feb 17, 594 593)
Apis birth, II-3kt 7, year 16 (Feb 18, 594 593)
Death of Nekau II, year 16, 594 593

Psamtik II (593-588) accession/coronation 594 593
Apis induction, III-smw 9, year 1 (Nov 16, 594 593)
Death of Psamtik II, I-3kt 23, year 7 (Feb 2, 588 586)

Apries (587-568) accession I-3kt 24 (Feb 3, 586)
Apries coronation II-3kt 10, year 1 (Feb 19, 586) Full Moon
Year 2, II-3kt 10 (Feb 19, 585)
Year 12, II-3kt 10 (Feb 16, 575)
Apis death, IV-prt 12, year 12 (Aug 17, 575)

Nebuchadnezzar II attacked Apries in his own year 37, i.e. 568/567 (BM 33041), Jan 567.
Amasis revolted and supported Nebuchadnezzar II by raising troops from Cyrene (Putuiaman) and far-off areas in the midst of the sea.
Apries retreated to Thebes as Nebuchadnezzar II planted himself firmly in the Delta city of Tahpanhes (Jeremiah 43:9-13).
Nebuchadnezzar II crowned Amasis on I-3kt 15 (Jan 20, 567) Full Moon

Year 1 Amasis, II-3kt 1 (BM 952, Sharuna, 20 km south of el-Hibeh)(Feb 5, 567), earliest Amasis date

Year 20 Apries, II-3kt 10 (Feb 14, 567)

Year 1 Amasis, III-prt (Berlin 14998, west Delta)(Jul, 567)

Year 20 Apries, II-smw 10 (P. BM 10113, Thebes) (Oct 12, 567), this is the highest known date for Apries.

Nebuchadnezzar II stormed Thebes and sacked it (Nov, 567) shortly after previous date.
The region of Pathros between the tower of Elephantine (Syene) and the border of Kush was devastated by the Babylonian army and remained desolate and uninhabited for the next 40 years (Ezek 29:10-11, 14-16).
Nebuchadnezzar II returned to Babylonia.

Year 1 Amasis, II-smw, Apries 1st attempt to recover Egypt (between Oct 13 and Nov 1, 567)
Year 1 Amasis, IV-smw 1 (Lourve C. 298, Pharbaithos)(Dec 2, 567)
Year 2 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 20, 566)
Year 3 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 20, 565)
Year 4 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 19, 564)
*Year 25, Apries, II-3kt 10 (Feb 13, 564) Herodotus 25 years
Year 4, III-3kt 8, Apries 2nd attempt to recover Egypt, death of Apries. Death of Apries (Mar 13, 564)
Year 5 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 19, 563)
Apis birth, year 5, I-3kt 7 (Jan 11, 562)
Year 6 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 19, 562)
Year 7 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 19, 561)
Year 8 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 18, 560)
Year 9 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 18, 559)
Year 10 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 18, 558)
Year 11 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 18, 557)
Year 12 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 17, 556)
Year 12, I-smw 21 (Sep 20, 556) the date P. Louvre 7848 began to be written
Year 12 Amasis, II-smw 13 (Oct 12, 556) LD 16: Petosiris agreed to swear an oath on day of the full moon
Year 12, I-smw smdt (Oct 12, 556) Petosiris swore the oath that evening before the god and in the light of the full moon
Year 13 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 17, 555)
Year 14 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 17, 554)
Year 15 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 17, 553)
Year 16 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 16, 552)
Year 17 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 16, 551)
Year 18 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 16, 550)
Year 19 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 16, 549)
Year 20 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 15, 548)
Year 21 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 15, 547)
Year 22 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 15, 546)
Year 23 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 15, 545)
Apis death, III-prt 6, year 23 (Jul 4, 545)
Apis birth, year 23
Year 24 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 14, 544)
Year 25 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 14, 543)
Death of the priest Psamtek, III-prt 28, year 25 (Aug 25, 543)
He was 65 years, 10 months, and 2 days old when he died (24,027 days)
The end of his 70-day period of embalming was III-smw 8 (Nov 3, 543)
Year 26 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 14, 542)
The mummy of the priest Psamtek was exhumed and taken to the pr-nfr for re-wrapping, IV-3kt 28 (Aug 25, 542)
Year 27 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 14, 541)
Apis death, year 27
Apis birth, year 27
The re-interment of the priest Psamtek in Year 27, I-smw 29 (Sep 25, 541).
Year 28 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 13, 540)
Year 44 Amasis, I-3kt 15 (Jan 9, 524)
Death of Amasis, year 44 (Jan 524)
Psamtik III, six months (524 Jan-Jul 524)
Conquest by Cambyses July, 524

On the Kushites:
The data as presented do not explain the existence of a year 8 of Tanutamun.

I'm not sure it needs to. Tanutamun is only given 4 years in the EKL. Since this is list of kings who ruled Kush, it is possible he did not return to rule Kush in 655/4 but remained in Egypt, giving the rulership of Kush over to a relative. Any years of Tanutamun higher than year 4 are purely "Egyptian" years. Now the argument that Psamtik I took control of Thebes by 654 at the time his daughter Nitocris was adopted is not backed up by any hard evidence. This is just an opinion. A year 8 for Tanutamun is already casting doubt and disproving this opinion because Rudamon "II" (Urdamane) and Tanutamun are two different names for two different kings according to the EKL and the Assyrian inscriptions.

A definite daughter of Alara, Tabiry, was a definite wife of Piye. Yet the paternal and maternal grandmothers of Taharqa were younger sisters of Alara.

Not sure I follow the logic. Alara and Piankhy are roughly the same generation in opinion, and Tabiry was likely Piankhy's much younger niece. Alara's younger sister (name unknown) was the mother of Abar, who I assume was married first to Kashta her full brother. Sōabaka, son of Kashta, and Amonardis I, daughter of Kashta, were half-siblings. Sōabaka was Abar's second marriage (after the death of Kashta) and these are the parents of Taharqa. Abar was only a “king’s sister” when he left her in Nubia. This means sister-wife of the deceased Kashta. In Kawa VI 22 where Alara is called the elder brother of Abar’s mother, she is here denoted as the aunt-wife of the deceased Sōabaka, and the former sister-wife of Kashta. Alara was literally Taharqa’s great uncle as he has stated. Putting the reign of Alara ahead Piankhy is therefore incorrect and the EKL reflects a genuine tradition of the historical succession.

seems to generate a generational mismatch (Alara born by c810 to have a daughter old enough to marry Piye by 771 at latest, but Taharqa's grandmothers born about 786/776 if he himself was born about 736)

Alara, born ca. 810
Tabiry, daughter of Alara, born ca.790
Alara's younger sister, born ca. 805
Abar, daughter of the above lady, born ca. 787
Piankhy marries 18-year old Tabiry, ca. 772
Taharqa, son of Abar, born 736

Looks ok from here. I will address the Libyan concerns in a separate post since this one is already long.

Regards Tory

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        Ooops Year 20 Apries, II-smw 10 (P. BM 10113, Thebes) (Oct 12, 567), this is the highest known date for Apries. Nebuchadnezzar II stormed Thebes and sacked it (Nov, 567) shortly after previous date.... more
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