Werner Nahm
Re: Freydank’s 2016 Update
Tue Feb 21, 2017 08:50

Dear Joe and Michael,

IMO Freydank's book is a great step forward. He provides a great synthesis for more than 100 years and tried hard to correct all (unavoidable) errors in his previous publications. One cannot fault him for his reticence to use unpublished documents. Even the use of Wiggerman's talk at the 2014 conference appears to be above all a gentle prod to publish the badly needed material from Tell Taban.
On an internet forum we have more freedom to speculate, but without a full publication unnecessary errors will occur. In my personal count I had two limus Adad-apla-iddina, one at the time of the archive 18764 and one under Tp. I. Now it turned out that for prosopographical reasons the label Assur 18764 q must have been given erroneously. One other case where my count may have been too high by one is Mardukija (son of Ilipadda). Freydank hints that he may be identifiable with Marduk-aha-erish, about whose father I know nothing. Unfortunately VAT 19903 (limu MARDUK-ia) is not mentioned. More discussion about variant forms of particular names would have been helpful.

By and large my count appears to have been correct. It strongly indicates that the length of reign of Assur-dan I was higher than 36, thus presumably 46. Freydank himself states that the number of limus with one attestation only argues for the existence of unattested limus (more precisely one would have to compare the numbers for single and double attestations), but he does not feel on firm ground and wants to stick with 36 years as long as possible.

I agree with Joe that there seem to be too many pre-Assurdan limus (some presumably belong to the early years of Assurdan). Joe, do you have arguments for the career break of Tammittu beyond the statements of Freydank? I am very sceptical and rather think that the late years of TN I require some different names. Freydank himself mentions Masuku.

Late in the list I wonder what happened to x-mu-ta-x (VAT 20009).

Best wishes,

  • Re: Freydank’s 2016 UpdateJoe Baker, Mon Feb 20 08:09
    Hi Michael I would be very interested to learn Salah’s placements. I may have to order his book (still translating Freydank’s one - fortunately it comes with as a book and as a copyable electronic... more
    • Re: Freydank’s 2016 Update — Werner Nahm, Tue Feb 21 08:50
      • Re: Freydank’s 2016 UpdateJoe Baker, Tue Feb 21 17:54
        Hi All First I thank Michael for some pages from Salah’s book. I have not had time to look at them as I am leaving for a few days on holidays (Rottnest island, Western Australia’s version of a Greek... more
        • Re: Freydank’s 2016 UpdateMichael Liebig, Wed Feb 22 02:49
          Hi all, here Salah´s sequence of eponyms in BATSH 18, p. 62: Ellil-nadin-apli Aššur-bel-ilani Aššur-zera-iddina Ina-Aššur-šuma-asbat [s Aššur-nadin-šume] Ninua'yu Kaštiliašu Abi-ili... more
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