Werner Nahm
Re: Freydank’s 2016 Update
Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:41

Hi Michael,

I couldn't reach you by the email address you gave, can you send me a mail from the correct address? I guess Salah's limu sequence ends with
Ellil-nadin-apli, Assur-bel-ilane (or opposite)
Ina-Assur-shumi-asbat, Ninuaju und Kashtiliash

but I am not quite sure. I also can't guess where he places
Musabsiu-sibitti, since he starts with

Since he has a list of 55 limu names among his abbreviation (obvioussly 30 Sa + 25 TN) there are not many choices.

Best wishes,

  • Re: Freydank’s 2016 UpdateMichael Liebig, Sat Feb 18 11:39
    Hi Joe, Because of the age levels of workers Ellil-nadin-apli is to be placed before Assur-zera-iddina. And Ber-ismanni must have officiated immediately after Salmanu-suma-usur. See Saqer Salah,... more
    • Re: Freydank’s 2016 Update — Werner Nahm, Tue Feb 21 11:41
      • Re: Freydank’s 2016 UpdateMichael Liebig, Tue Feb 21 13:05
        Hi Werner, my adress is still the same. And to send you some pdf´s also failed. The material is unfortunaterly extensive. Regards Michael
    • Re: Freydank’s 2016 UpdateJoe Baker, Mon Feb 20 08:09
      Hi Michael I would be very interested to learn Salah’s placements. I may have to order his book (still translating Freydank’s one - fortunately it comes with as a book and as a copyable electronic... more
      • Re: Freydank’s 2016 UpdateWerner Nahm, Tue Feb 21 08:50
        Dear Joe and Michael, IMO Freydank's book is a great step forward. He provides a great synthesis for more than 100 years and tried hard to correct all (unavoidable) errors in his previous... more
        • Re: Freydank’s 2016 UpdateJoe Baker, Tue Feb 21 17:54
          Hi All First I thank Michael for some pages from Salah’s book. I have not had time to look at them as I am leaving for a few days on holidays (Rottnest island, Western Australia’s version of a Greek... more
          • Re: Freydank’s 2016 UpdateMichael Liebig, Wed Feb 22 02:49
            Hi all, here Salah´s sequence of eponyms in BATSH 18, p. 62: Ellil-nadin-apli Aššur-bel-ilani Aššur-zera-iddina Ina-Aššur-šuma-asbat [s Aššur-nadin-šume] Ninua'yu Kaštiliašu Abi-ili... more
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