Joe Baker
Re: Freydank’s 2016 Update
Tue Feb 21, 2017 17:54

Hi All

First I thank Michael for some pages from Salah’s book. I have not had time to look at them as I am leaving for a few days on holidays (Rottnest island, Western Australia’s version of a Greek isle, but more primitive and not as commercial).

Yes Werner, there appears to be too many limus. I note Freydank accepts the Nasssouhi list with Aššur-nadin-apli at 4 years (not 3), Ninurta-apil-ekur at 13 (not 3) and Aššur-dan at 36 (mot 46). I reject the Nassouhi list and accept the other (in my mind more official) lists. My solution to too many limus – and I have long advocated it on this forum – is to have Aššur-dan occupy the limu office twice, in year 1 and year 30. Tukulti-apil-ešarra 1 did not follow it but later ones who ruled 30+ years did. The limu sequence centred around Aššur-dan year 1 limuship should be assigned to his year 30 limuship.

Regards Joe

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