Year 6 reorsification
Tue Mar 7, 2017 02:34

Hi Kim and Jaime:

G3, 232, I: year 6, II Peret 7: the vizier, general and 1PA Herihor ordered the reosirification of Menmaatre Sety-mererptah
G3, 263, 5, I: fine linen made by the 1PA Menkheperre in year 6 (on the body of Sety I)
G3, 264, II: year 7, II Peret 16, day of burying Sety I.

Kim wrote: The logical conclusion is that this particular Menkheperre, however scant his attestations, is a predecessor of Herihor as 1PA (the year 6 of his record need not be the same year 6 of Herihor's record). A later rewrap under "the" Menkheperre would have removed the statements of Herihor and replaced them with more recent orders to re-osirify.
As you have yourself found, fitting a year 6 into the career of "the" Menkheperre is quite awkward and requires special pleading. There are of course "radical" alternatives but these involve moving Herihor even further down the timeline, and I am not sure these are viable.

I would point out that Ritner says some of these reburials may have in fact been "official plunderings" by the HPA, rather than his pious concern to correct an earlier tomb robbery.

If we assume HPA Herihor ordered the plundering of Sety's tomb under the guise of reorsification, its quite possible reorsification never actually happened, or was not properly carried out, until some years later when Menkheperre was HPA. Sety was not re-wrapped by Herihor he was robbed by Herihor. Sety was not properly re-wrapped and properly re-buried until Menkheperre did this. He did not remove the statements of Herihor and replace them with more recent orders to re-osirify because the original order was never correctly carried out and only now was Menkheperre carrying them out.

I know this puts Herihor in a bad light, but when you badly need funds you do what you have to do.

Regards Tory

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    • Year 6 reorsification — Tory, Tue Mar 7 02:34
      • re: Year 6 reosirificationKim Sargerson, Wed Mar 8 18:24
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        • re: Year 6 reosirificationTory, Thu Mar 9 08:12
          Hi Kim The way I see it, there is no need for yet another new person to be injected into this period. No Ramesses "XII" or Menkheperre "A". If there is a HPA Menkheperre "A" who reosirified Sety I,... more
          • re: Year 6 reosirificationKim Sargerson, Wed Mar 15 17:11
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