re: Year 6 reosirification
Thu Mar 9, 2017 08:12

Hi Kim

The way I see it, there is no need for yet another new person to be injected into this period. No Ramesses "XII" or Menkheperre "A". If there is a HPA Menkheperre "A" who reosirified Sety I, that still makes Herihor a tomb robber since the first osirification was not that long ago and this is clearly an ATM withdrawal by Herihor, but then year 9 = year 1 of the wHm-mswt becomes a scribal error.

I stick with this record not being a scribal error since it is the only record that gives the wHm-mswt a definitive starting year date. So if the plundering of Sety's tomb by Herihor still witnessed the former's complete osirification, according to all the necessary rituals, then it is "the" Menkheperre who makes another withdrawal from the same ATM machine a few years later.

I notice that both Ad Thijs' proposals and this new proposal for a Ramesses XII both depend on the year 9 = 1 wHm-mswt being a scribal error. That right there gives me enough reason to question whether their reconstructions are valid. This is a first-hand contemporary record not Manetho's fumbling and number crunching.

Regards Tory

  • re: Year 6 reosirificationKim Sargerson, Wed Mar 8 18:24
    Hi Tory I have no doubt that the New Kingdom royals were indeed routinely plundered by these priests. It seems to have been a kind of "last resort", so they did a group in a short time, then there... more
    • re: Year 6 reosirification — Tory, Thu Mar 9 08:12
      • re: Year 6 reosirificationKim Sargerson, Wed Mar 15 17:11
        Hi Tory Sorry has taken so long to reply. I didn't "get" this for the longest time, but: once the ATM withdrawal has been made, this particular source of revenue is gone. If Herihor cashed in Sety's... more
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