Kim Sargerson
re: Year 6 reosirification
Wed Mar 15, 2017 17:11

Hi Tory

Sorry has taken so long to reply.

I didn't "get" this for the longest time, but:
once the ATM withdrawal has been made, this particular source of revenue is gone. If Herihor cashed in Sety's assets, then there would be no point in Menkheperre doing another rewrap, because there would be no goodies left to pilfer. There might be a reason to rewrap mummies which had undergone an unauthorised robbery. Some of the D20 royals seem to have been hacked to bits in the search for valuables, but Sety is not one of the heavily damaged ones.

As Herihor is not even king yet at this point, I cannot see a time factor being a reason for failure to complete this particular pious robbery. So I assume that Herihor rewrapped Sety and completed the theft of amulets and scarabs. The linen used for the rewrap included one piece dated by Herihor's predecessor, a certain Menkheperre, but this is not evidence that this ephemeral 1PA Menkheperre conducted a further rewrap himself.

I think it was Cerny in the 1940's who first proposed amending year 9 to year 19. I must look up his article some time (it does not seem to be on the net). If his reasons are based solely on modern criteria then they should be rejected.

Thijs' proposals do appear at first sight to depend on the year 19 = year 1. However, he seems to have realised that the whm mst ought to be much closer to the reign of R.IX, from studying the careers and lifespans of private individuals attested in both. His solution is to have a quite unnecessary overlap of R.XI with R.IX, in order to move the dates back a decade (to where they should have been if Cerny had not moved them).



  • re: Year 6 reosirificationTory, Thu Mar 9 08:12
    Hi Kim The way I see it, there is no need for yet another new person to be injected into this period. No Ramesses "XII" or Menkheperre "A". If there is a HPA Menkheperre "A" who reosirified Sety I,... more
    • re: Year 6 reosirification — Kim Sargerson, Wed Mar 15 17:11
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