Herihor the HPA-king
Mon Mar 27, 2017 23:48

Hi all,

The oracle of Herihor (Oracular Decree of High Priest Herihor, OIP3, p. 15, Plate 132) makes it clear that he was HPA for 30 years. 10 years as HPA had already elapsed when the oracle was given to him, and the god Amon granted him 20 additional years. Then the god granted his request to write this decree on stone and set up the stele for public display in Thebes.

Even if he remained HPA during the next 20 years, this monument would not have been set up by him and put in a public display if he never became king. So I consider his kingship incontestable. The moment he set this monument up without consulting the reigning king, he was acting as king himself. The only logical explanation is that this oracle was given just after the death of Ramesses XI and Herihor was using it to justify his independent authority at Thebes.

last 9 years under king Ramesses XI as HPA
then all 6 years as HPA under king Nesbanebdjed
then 15 years as HPA-king
Pinudjem is HPA during Herihor years 1-15

This is clear and straightforward. Year 6 dated item with Herihor as HPA and not king is NOT a wHm-mswt year date or it would say so. Same with Wenamun report of year 5 which makes zero mention of the wHm-mswt. The era was a thing of the past by then.

I also don't think HPA Menkheperre knew or needed to know Herihor pillaged all the wealth in Seti's tomb under the guise of reorsification. Curiosity kills the cat. Menkheprre went looking for money in year 6 of his father's reign. That he may not have found any because Herihor had already taken everything two decades earlier is moot.


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    • Herihor the HPA-king — Tory, Mon Mar 27 23:48
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          There is an error in my previous tables, allow me to correct (and revise Menkheperre Bs tenure, presuming his Year 48 might be an error for something else): KINGS: - Ramses XI, 0-35 - Ramses XII,... more
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