Jaime O
Early 21st Dynasty
Thu Mar 30, 2017 13:45

There is an error in my previous tables, allow me to correct (and revise Menkheperre Bís tenure, presuming his Year 48 might be an error for something else):

- Ramses XI, 0-35
- Ramses XII, 35-42
- Herihor, 42-47
- Nesubanedjed, 42-57
- Pinudjem I, 57-81
- Amunemnisu, 68-72
- Psusennes I, 72-121
- Amenemope, 121-130/134

- Amenhotep, 0-6
- Menkheperre A, 6-13
- Payankh, 13-21
- Herihor, 21-47
- Pinudjem I, 47-c67
- Psusennes I, c67-72
- Djedkhonsuefankh, 72
- Masaharta, 72-81
- Menkheperre B, 81-c120
- Nesubanebdjed II, c120-c122
- Pinudjem IIa, c122-c123
- Pinudjem IIb, c123 until Siamun

I might as well just add the ages of these individuals (again, but revised).

- Amenhotep, (-37)*-6 (dies aged 43)
- Menkheperre A, (-17)-13 (dies aged 30)
- Herihor, 3-47 (dies aged 44)
- Nesubanebdjed, (-7)-57 (dies aged 64)
- Henuttawy A, 23-c77 (dies aged 54)
- Maatkare A, 38-??
- Nojdmet A, (-15)-42/47 (dies aged 57/62)
- Payankh, (-9)-21 (dies aged 30)
- Pinudjem I, 16-81 (dies aged 65)
- Amunemnisu, 44-72 (dies aged 28)
- Psusennes I, 46-121 (dies aged 75)
- Amenemope, 66-130/134 (dies aged 64/68)
- Pinudjem IIa, 68-123 (dies aged 55)
- Djedkhonsuefankh, 50-72 (dies aged 22)
- Masaharta, 52-81 (dies aged 29)
- Menkheperre B, 54-120 (dies aged 66)
- Nesubanebdjed II**, 84-122 (dies aged 38)
- Pinudjem IIb, 92- Year 9 Siamun (dies aged 55)
* This one is total surmise
**Daughter Isetemkheb is born 109, is aged 13 when father dies

I wonder if the title Kingís Mother was given to Hrere during her lifetime or posthumously. If it was during her lifetime, then by the above estimates she must have been close to 90 by the time Nesubanebdjed was king. Possibly, but unlikely at best. I understand that the bandage mentioning King Pinudjem found in Nodjmet A might actually be from the days Pinudjem was HP alone. If so, then she might have died somewhere between 42 (Herihor becomes king) and 47 (Pinudjem Iís first explicit attestation). I do recognize my estimates for the ages of Nodjmet A and Henuttawy A might be a bit too high in comparison to what has been deduced in the past (it has been deduced they were 35-45 years old, not close to 60).

My age estimate for Duathathor Henuttawy might actually be lower: does the bracelet of Henuttawy, Kingís Mother, found in Psusennes Iís tomb name Psusennes too? Can the bandage with the name of Menkheperre found in the mummy of Duathathor Henuttawy possibly be that of a reburial? If the first question is answered with no and the second with a yes, then I can speculate she was mother of Amunemnisu and was dead by c68, shortly after her sonís ascension and the Coptos Stela. In such scenario, King's Mother applies to Amunemnisu and Mother of the HPA and Mother of Generalissimo applies to Psusennes I as 1PA before becoming king; Mutnodjmet would be the sister-wife of Amunemnisu instead, and his GRW.

  • Early 21st DynastyJaime O, Wed Mar 29 08:43
    Hi Kim and Tory Thank you for the replies. Kim: ďI do not think there is enough evidence to place Nesbanebdjed the king before or after Herihor the king. However, it still leaves a gap i.e. who was... more
    • Early 21st Dynasty — Jaime O, Thu Mar 30 13:45
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