Michael Liebig
Re: 5th year of Esarhaddon
Sat May 6, 2017 11:20

Hi Joe,

Because the Heidel Prisma (now RINAP 4, 2) has the date 22.II. 676/75 and report the conquest of Sidon, this conquest was before. This was the starting point.

„Last year, when the moon was seen with the sun on the 15th day for 5 months, did Sidon not carry it?“

I think this means, that the fate of Sidon followed this omen.
But only two of the five lunar eclipses that occurred on Julian 1 Apr 676, 30 Apr 676, 24 Sep 676, 24 Oct 676 and 21 Mar 675 were before the date of RINAP 4,2 and certainly all after the fall of Sidon.


  • Re: 5th year of EsarhaddonJoe Baker, Sat May 6 08:04
    Hi Michael Oops. Agreed Sidon fell in 677/6, Aššur-aḫa-iddina’s 4th year. But SAA 10 112 still provides some problems if it concerns lunar eclipses. For Bel-ušezib specifically says that Sidon... more
    • Re: 5th year of Esarhaddon — Michael Liebig, Sat May 6 11:20
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