Marianne Luban
News From El Amarna
Wed Jun 21, 2017 08:38

Some here might be interested in the developing picture uncovered over a couple of seasons by Barry Kemp and his team at El Amarna, the site of what was the city of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. Two cemeteries have revealed the deaths of quite a number of children and young persons. At one point there was an estimate of 10,000 people buried at El Amarna, which is quite unsettling given the short occupation of a city there. More information at the Amarna Project page:

A brief quote: "Explaining the seemingly young overall age-at-death of these individuals is not straightforward. Are they being subject to a particular disease that is affecting the young? Or might this be a workforce, conscripted on the basis of youth and subject to extreme working/living conditions that resulted in large numbers of deaths? It may be noteworthy that the main limestone quarries are also located to the north of the city."

I was struck by something familiar about all this and wrote a paper "Akhenaten--Angel of Death?" in 2015. If you scroll down on my page, you can find it and other papers on the Amarna Age.

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