Joe Baker
Article Requests
Tue Jul 4, 2017 07:22

Hi All

This is a request to see if someone can e-mail me electronic copies of the following papers. I prefer to buy individual papers online. For example I have just purchased Karl Jansen-Winkeln, “Beiträge zur Geschichte der Dritten Zwischenzeit”, JEA 10/1 (2017) 23-42. This journal allows individual articles to be purchased and downloaded. However the following articles are in journals that (as far as I can work out) require you to order the whole journal which will then be shipped to you. Not really what I want. The authors are on but have not placed these papers on-line. Some authors are really good at doing this. In particular I have translated several very recent Russian articles by Alexander Safronov.

G. Broekman, “Genealogical considerations regarding the kings of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty”, GM 251 (2017) 13-20

A. Damarany and K. Cahail, “The sarcophagus of the High Priest of Amun Menkheperre … at Abydos”, MDAIK 72 (2016) 11-30

Regards Joe

    • Re: Article RequestsMichael Liebig, Tue Jul 4 12:57
      Hi Joe, I will looking for it in the Leipzig Egyptologic library. You know Broekman: The order of sucession between Shabaka and Shabataka; GM 245(2015)17-31? Regards Michael
      • Re: Article RequestsJoe Baker, Wed Jul 5 04:15
        Hi Michael Yes, I have the Broekman paper, thanks to Fabian. I collect all papers on the reversal as I feel I had significant input into establishing the reversal, as can be seen by my contributions... more
        • Re: Article RequestsMichael Liebig, Wed Jul 5 09:29
          Hi Joe, I send you the Broekman article from GM 251. MDAIK 72 is not here yet, but will come. Regards Michael
          • Re: Article RequestsJoe Baker, Thu Jul 6 07:25
            Hi Michael Thanks for the article. Broekman’s family tree is very similar to that I gave in post 3253 of 2 July 2003 (an early attempt to explore the consequences arising from reversing the... more
            • Re: Article RequestsMichael Liebig, Fri Jul 7 11:25
              Hi Joe and all, In Göttinger Miszellen no. 251 Broekman connect the end of Bocchoris with the early reign of Shabataka. How do you explain then the burial of an Apis in Bocchoris year 6 and the year... more
              • Hi Michael How do you explain then the burial of an Apis in Bocchoris year 6 and the year 2 graffito of Shabaka in the same chamber? This “fact” was first put forward in a 1958 paper by J. Vercoutter ... more
                • G. BroekmanMichael Liebig, Mon Jul 10 11:16
                  Hi, G. Broekman now write personal to me (sorry for the incorrect received letters from the e-mail): "The occurrence of the name of Shabaka in the Serapeum at Saqqara is only known from Mariette. In... more
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