Jaime O
re: KV55 again
Tue Jul 4, 2017 09:11

Hi Joe

I hope you make a swift recovery; my best of wishes.

For those who are still holding out and insusting that the KV55 mummy is NOT Akhenaten ()

I held this position a year ago, and joined the wagon with Kim against both you and Marianne about the man whose remains were found in KV55. After reading and reconsidering my position, I suppose it is safe to assume until otherwise proven that KV55 is Akhenaten. The contradictory results of different forensic and X-ray examinations make it seem that the skeleton is either decayed beyond a reasonable approach, or emotions get in the away every time (remember Theodore M Davis?). I thus must yield to physical evidence, which has a lot of Akhenaten in the tomb, a bit of Tiye, and zero of Smenkhkare.

Thank you for the second link. I think I read something about the said gold foil about a year ago or so.

It will nevertheless be interesting what one can do with the Dahamunzu affair once Akhenaten is assumed to be KV55 I do have my own interpretation. By the way, although I just disregarded X-ray examinations and forensics above, do we have any recent guess on KV35YLs age? As far as Im concerned, the woman is (or was) thought to be no older than 20 something.

Best wishes,

  • KV55 againJoe Baker, Tue Jul 4 04:30
    Hi All Things are slow at the moment - not just this list but several others I follow. Meanwhile I did have my prostrate removed. Things went well. For those who are still holding out and insusting... more
    • re: KV55 again — Jaime O, Tue Jul 4 09:11
      • re: KV55 againMarianne Luban, Tue Jul 4 12:00
        I think the two biggest stumbling blocks when it comes to understanding the Amarna period are the denial of a lengthy coregency and the refusal to believe in the young age of Akhenaten [when he was... more
        • re: KV55 againMarianne Luban, Tue Jul 4 12:30
          I had to consult the book "Scanning the Pharaohs" by Hawass and Saleem [the radiologist]. Although everything to do with the KV35YL in that work seems to me to be slanted toward the views of Z.... more
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