Michael Liebig
G. Broekman
Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:16


G. Broekman now write personal to me (sorry for the incorrect received letters from the e-mail):

"The occurrence of the name of Shabaka in the Serapeum at Saqqara is only known from Mariette. In “Le Sérapéum de Memphis”, Paris 1875, p. 184, he says: “Les monuments, comme Manéthon, donnent pour successeur Bocchris l'Éthiopien Sabacon. Une petite stele grossièrement ènscrit l'encre noire nous apprend qu'un Apis est mort l'an 2 de ce dernier prince: c'est le seul renseignement que le Sérapéum nous ait livré sur le taureau contemporain
des premières années de la XXVe dynastie.”
It is clear that Mariette concluded from the text on the stela that an Apis-bull was buried in the second regnal year of Shabaka. However we do not know what exactly Mariette could read on the stela. Moreover, Mariette mentions a petite stele grossièrement ènscrit, which is not a graffito, and we do not know where the stela was found. The text being a “graffito” is an incorrect supposition of Vercoutter in “The Napatan Kings and Apis Worship”,
Kush 8, p. 65.
Further Mariette says that in the same room in which the Shabaka stela was found, he saw a badly mutilated text, showing a fragment of the nomen-cartouche of king Shabataka.
Finally I would point to the fact that Mariette in his plan of the Serapeum ascribes chamber S to the Apis-bulls with the numbers 34 – Bocchoris – and 35 – Shabako – whereas in the main text he says that both Apis-bulls that
died in Year 37 of Shoshenq V and in year 6 of Bocchoris were buried in the same room, being chamber R.
So it appears that there is much confusion about this matter. Anyway there is no evidence whatsoever about Bocchoris' regnal year 6 equalling year 2 of Shabaka. If the stela from Shabaka's year 2 did refer to the burial of an Apis-bull (for which we do not have any proof), it might be the burial of the one that succeeded the Apis-bull buried in year 6 of Bocchoris.
See in this connection also K. Jansen-Winkeln, Inschriften der Spätzeit Teil III: Die 25. Dynastie, p. 2 [46.4] – Shabaka stela – and p. 39 [47.1] – Shabataka inscription."



  • The aanq 5, Bakenrenef and abaka Apis bullsJoe Baker, Sat Jul 8 07:54
    Hi Michael How do you explain then the burial of an Apis in Bocchoris year 6 and the year 2 graffito of Shabaka in the same chamber? This fact was first put forward in a 1958 paper by J. Vercoutter ... more
    • G. Broekman — Michael Liebig, Mon Jul 10 11:16
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