Joe Baker
Re: Dahamunza Again
Thu Jul 13, 2017 08:40

Hi Marianne

Surely you are aware that other sources maintain that Suppiliuliuma died of the plague quite soon after the Egyptian prisoners came to Egypt--and then Arnuwanda succumbed quickly to the same illness.

The sources do not give precise chronological intervals. The length of Arnuwanda’s reign is unknown but several events are known to have happened during his reign. It maybe that his ongoing illness was due the plague. However this plague did not dissipate quickly as can be seen by the many prayers undertaken by Mursili. Arnuwanda could have contacted it at a late stage.

Why did every single conflict have a year to itself?

The Gašga campaigns were almost a year by year event, long before and long after the Daḫumunzu incident. The order I give for years A to A+3 are as per the annals and they do not preserve the end of the reign of Suppiluliuma. The Ḫayaša campaign comes after Piyaššili’s eastern campaign against Mittani (which may have lasted 2 years followed by the negotiation of a treaty) and Arnuwanda’s southern campaign into Amqa.

Regards Joe

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