Re: Dahamunza Again
Mon Jul 31, 2017 00:49

Oops! Marianne,---you are right!

Meddigo and not Kadesh! The battle was at Kadesh.

I still go with Joe! 1457BCE.

The rest of my "post" remains. Hammurabi reference just establishes Nimrod's 'defeat' was in Abraham's 155 year, 2103AM, 1658CJ/BCE, + 131yrs = 1789BCE, ('Actual'). That was also 26th year of Shamshi-Adad I, King in Assyria.

From this we can calculate that Hammurabi I killed Shamsh-Adad I in Shamshi's 33rd year 2111AM, 1650CJ/BCE, + 131yrs = 1781BCE, ('Actual'), which was 163ed year in the life of Abraham.


  • Re: Dahamunza AgainMarianne Luban, Sun Jul 30 10:16
    Robert wrote: "I too have, exactly like Joe,---1457BCE, for 22 year Thutmose III. I have 1792BCE, minus 42 years to 1750BCE, for Hammuribi I. If this proves to be true,---"Middle Chronology",---just... more
    • Re: Dahamunza Again — Robert Killian, Mon Jul 31 00:49
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