Marianne Luban
re: Judges 11:26
Thu Aug 3, 2017 10:31

I wrote:

"In fact, in Judges 11:26 it states that Israel had been in Canaan for 300 years already"

-- The chronology in that passage is in dispute."


"Three hundred years.--There is an almost insuperable difficulty in making out any reasonable scheme of chronology even by accepting this as a round number.."

The passage is only in dispute by those modern persons who want to see the exodus having taken place in the time of Dynasty 19. The 300 years is somewhere during the period of the Judges but not the entire time, which according to Clement of Alexandria took up 463 years and seven months! But those who believe the exodus happened in the reign of Ramesses II [which nobody in antiquity believed] only assign 200 years to the period preceding the United Monarchy, falling short by 250 years of the reckoning of Clement. I, myself, believe in more than one exodus from Egypt but, really, one can't say the conquest of Canaan took place any earlier than the reign of Akhenaten. Don't we have proof of it in the Amarna letters? AND, as far as Jericho is concerned, the Egyptian scarabs found in graves at that site stop with the reign of Amenhotep III. Obviously, this conquest did not last as stronger pharaohs of Dynasty 19 took over and the United Monarchy couldn't have come about until Egypt became impossibly weakened. As Manetho wrote--and I'm sure this is what he meant--there were 393 years between "Tethmosis", the first king of his Dynasty 18 and "Sethos" the last *real* pharaoh--which was Menmaare Ramesses XI [and who happened to have the same prenomen as Seti I].

These Biblical books don't mention the continuing Egyptian interests in Canaan as they effectively would negate "being released from Egyptian bondage" by Moses. So all they talk about is the Israelites fighting with other peoples and each other. Even Werner Keller, a very popular author at one time with his "The Bible As History", who even assigned the exodus to Dynasty 19, wrote: "The Bible is right if we accept that the traditions concerning the occupation of the country mingle facts from the Bronze Age and the Iron extremely complicated and lengthy process which lasted for several centuries, but which the Bible presents to us in compressed form concentrating it all on the person of Joshua...Many scholars are of the opinion that the subsequent influx of Israelites occurred in several waves."

I do! And I certainly think one can make a very reasonable chronology using the info I just gave.

  • re: Judges 11:26Rich McQuillen, Wed Aug 2 22:28
    "In fact, in Judges 11:26 it states that Israel had been in Canaan for 300 years already" -- The chronology in that passage is in dispute. Note: I don't have an opinion on this dispute at this time.... more
    • re: Judges 11:26 — Marianne Luban, Thu Aug 3 10:31
    • re: Judges 11:26Robert Killian, Thu Aug 3 03:30
      Hi Rich, You quote:---"In fact, in Judges 11:26 it states that Israel had been in Canaan for 300 years already". Yes!---If Exodus was in 2448AM, as Mattis Kantor 'places' that event in "Codex... more
    • re: Judges 11:26Rich McQuillen, Thu Aug 3 01:23
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      • re: Judges 11:26Robert Killian, Fri Aug 4 05:27
        Hi Rich, Just as a point of information: "The man, Israel", (Jacob), does indeed,--- 'predate',--- Moses and Exodus,--- by 210 years! If the beginning of "Israel's count", (that is Jacob), at 130yrs, ... more
        • re: Judges 11:26Robert Killian, Sat Aug 5 00:27
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