Robert Killian
re: Judges 11:26
Fri Aug 4, 2017 05:27

Hi Rich,

Just as a point of information:

"The man, Israel", (Jacob), does indeed,--- 'predate',--- Moses and Exodus,--- by 210 years!

If the beginning of "Israel's count", (that is Jacob), at 130yrs, when he and his family of 70 persons,--- 'went down into Egypt',--- was 2238AM, 1654BCE.

Exodus, in the 80th year of MOSES, was 210yrs,--- 'later',--- in 2448AM, 1444BCE.

Exodus, in the 50th year, (lead by GON), was in,--- 2418AM, 1374BCE. That obviously, in my opinion, may be "the other' Exodus,--- that Marianne has mentioned.

That was the 400th year 'after' Abram's first 'Call',---in his 70th year, (Gen 12:1-3),--- 2018AM 1874BCE.

Abram's 790th year 'Call', to go on his second trip into Canaan was in 2018AM, 1874BCE, then, to Exodus, in 2448AM, 1444BCE, is obviously, the 430 years mentioned in scripture.

Rabbi Mattis Kantor, in "Codex Judaica" and "THE JEWISH TIME LINE ENCYCLOPEDIA" records these sequential biblical events.

These two books, on sequential biblical chronology, by R.Kantor can be found, 'on-line'.


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