Robert Killian
re: Judges 11:26
Sat Aug 5, 2017 00:27

That's another 'editing' ERROR when I typed "Abram's 790th year 'Call', to go on his second trip..."

It should be "Abram's 70th year 'Call' to go...".etc

Bookof Jasher:

1st 'Call' and trip to Canaan in his 55th year, 2003AM, 1889BCE. ('Actual').

2nd 'Call' "to go' in his 70th year, while he was still in Canaan, 2018AM, 1874BCE. ('Actual').

Then,---Abram apparently 'waits' five years before he 'goes down'---on his second trip:

2nd trip to Canaan in his 75th year, 2023AM, 1869BCE. ('Actual').


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    Hi Rich, Just as a point of information: "The man, Israel", (Jacob), does indeed,--- 'predate',--- Moses and Exodus,--- by 210 years! If the beginning of "Israel's count", (that is Jacob), at 130yrs, ... more
    • re: Judges 11:26 — Robert Killian, Sat Aug 5 00:27
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