Marianne Luban
re:Did Salmanu-ašared 3 mention Egypt
Wed Sep 27, 2017 09:54

Joe wrote:

"The third example is in his year 13 Calah throne base inscription. Besides enumerating the events of certain years it also contains a summary of what he has achieved in the west. In part it says he had

“crossed the Euphrates 10 times (the 10th time was in his 12th year) pouring out my lordly splendour over the land of Ḫatti, the land of Meṣri, the land of Ṣuri (Tyre), the land of Ṣiduni (Sidon) and the land of Ḫanigalbat"

Now we known he fought against Ḫatti (that is Gargamiš/Karkamiš) in years 1, 2, 10 and 11, Tyre and Sidon had sent tribute as early as year 1. Ḫanigalbat was an older term for lands between the Euphrates and the eastern Ḫabur, as such it probably refers to the year 6 campaign against the Upper Baliḫ cities of Giammu and/or the year 7 campaign against Ḫabinu of Til-abne, who ruled somewhere between Şanlıurfa and Samsat.
This leaves Meṣri, which can not be Egypt for at this time Salmanu-ašared had never marched further west and south then the upper/middle Orontes."

Isn't Tyre and Sidon father west than the Orontes? Hanigalbat was called Mitanni by the Egyptians. He mentions all the great [or formerly great] powers, Hatti, Mitanni--and Egypt. Mesri must be Egypt.

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