Re: Did Salmanu-ašared 3 mention Egypt
Fri Sep 29, 2017 03:22

Hi Joe

Mesri must be Egypt, but Lipinski has already suggested that "Egypt" in the time of Salmanu-ašared III included the vassal state of Sumur. Hence Musri/Mesri = Egypt = Sumur. Sumur probably began as colony of Egyptians in the first place.

Salmanu-ašared had never marched further west and south then the upper/middle Orontes.

Correct. Just one more reason added to the pile of reasons why Ahabbu of Siri'laya cannot be the same person as the biblical Akhab of Yaoh-shar-al, and why Iaua son of Humri (king of Tyre and Sidon) cannot be the biblical Yaoh-ho son of Namshay.

Regards Tory

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    • Re: Did Salmanu-ašared 3 mention Egypt — Tory, Fri Sep 29 03:22
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