Marianne Luban
Re: Ahmose-Sipair
Mon Oct 2, 2017 15:14

Jaime wrote:

"My position and yours seem to be similar still: I infer that Ahmose-Sipair was son of Seqenenre Tao and father of Thutmose I and queen Ahmose by Senseneb; maybe the latter was a daughter or niece of Tetiky."

Well, no, then our positions can't be similar because one of the points of my paper [and in the title] was "two Theban princes". In my view, Ahmose-Sipair was not the same Ahmose as was the son of Seqenenre. As far as I know, Ahmose-Sipair is associated with the reign of Amenhotep I. That king seems to have been his father.
Therefore, Ahmose-Sipair cannot have been the father of Thutmose I. Do you know of evidence that points to Sipair as being associated with the reign of Seqenenre?

But, yes, I agree that Mutnofret was probably a sister of Amenhotep I. The fact that the future Thutmose I was permitted to marry her is significant in itself.

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    Hi Marianne, thank you for reviving this thread. Iíve read your article and I confess I did not know of the link between Ahmose-Nefertari and Tetiky. My position and yours seem to be similar still: I ... more
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