Re: Solar eclipse of 1207 BC helps to date Pharoahs
Mon Nov 6, 2017 02:01

Here, I agree with Anonymous,---AND:

"The Two Hornet's" timeline would fit well with Exodus in 2448, 1313CJ/BCE, (Jewish) + 131yrs = 1444BCE ('Actual') in the 35th Year of Thutmose III, just 14yrs AFTER the 'passing' of his co-Pharoah Queen Hatshepsut in 2434AM, 1326CJ/BCE,(Jewish) + 131yrs = 1458BCE, (Actual).

Perhaps we can 'pin' these biblical/historical events to the 22nd year Of Thutmose, when Egypt invaded the oriental land.

Amenhotep II reigned, for 26/27 years, (wikipedia) from about 2465AM, 1296CJ/BCE, (Jewish) + 131yrs = 1427BCE, (2yr co-reign) until about 2492AM, 1269CJ/BCE, (Jewish) + 131yrs = 1400BCE.

Indeed,---'Perhaps' these two very active Pharoahs of Egypt,---could be "The Two Hornets" referenced in our Holy Scripture.

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    • Re: Solar eclipse of 1207 BC helps to date Pharoahs — Robert Killian, Mon Nov 6 02:01
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        • My apologies, the last line should read: If anyone chooses to identify a historical synchronism here, it can only be in the 20th Dyn., at the Late Bronze/Iron I transition. Jon S.
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