Marianne Luban
Re: Solar eclipse of 1207 BC helps to date pharaohs
Thu Nov 9, 2017 09:25

If there were no other anachronistic references in the OT, the mention of conquering Hittites in Canaan during the time of the !8th Dynasty would bother me, too. But there are anachronisms, so I take that into consideration. After all, there can have been no "land of Raamses" when Jacob and his people came to live in Egypt.

Clement of Alexandria did the math of the Bible and reckoned, using the math of the Bible, that the period of the judges, down to Saul, consisted of a duration of 463 years and seven months.

I agree with Werner Keller here: “The Bible is right if we accept that the traditions concerning the occupation of the country mingle facts from the Bronze Age and the Iron extremely complicated and lengthy process which lasted for several centuries but which the Bible presents to us in compressed form concentrating it all on the person of Joshua...Many scholars are of the opinion that the subsequent influx of Israelites occurred in several waves.”

In the Book of Joshua, iron is mentioned as if it were a common metal, but is it already the Iron Age by then--or not? It's suspicious that Moses had sons but they did not succeed him. Moses supposedly appointed Joshua--but I doubt Moses ever knew Joshua. Moses lived in the time of Dynasty 18. Later, a man named Labayu and his sons conquered Canaan in the Bronze Age at the time of King Akhenaten of Egypt. He is called an "Apiru". Until Akhenaten and his lax policies, no conquest of a part of the Egyptian empire was possible. Yet it couldn't last. The strong pharaohs like Horemheb and the early Ramessids came along. THEN came Joshua at another weak moment for Egypt sometime in the Iron Age. Perhaps at a period when there was civil war within Egypt. Fortunes came and went for the Israelites until Saul was anointed King of Israel presumably at the end of Dynasty 20, at a time when the influence of Egypt in the Levant was a thing of the past.

That makes sense to me and I don't take much stock in chronology based on eclipses that might have been. I am not going to discuss this further with anyone who accuses me of "re-writing history". I have had enough of such snide arguing here--especially by those obsessed with the era of Ramesses III.

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