Re: Chabiru
Wed Apr 11, 2018 17:12

Hi Joe

I thought line 27 was the entry for Ibni-Adad?

Regards Tory

  • Re: ChabiruJoe Baker, Wed Apr 11 08:46
    Hi Tory Klass Veenhof in his 2003 book, “The Old Assyrian List of Year Eponyms From Karum Kanish And its Chronological Implications” transcribes the relevant entry from KEL A (2nd half of line 27) as ... more
    • Re: Chabiru — Tory, Wed Apr 11 17:12
      • Re: ChabiruJoe Baker, Wed Apr 11 21:03
        Hi Tory KEL A is not a tablet that lays out names and their qualifier in column form (that is each name below the previous one). So limu X does not occupy row X. KEL A has no columns only rows which... more
        • Re: ChabiruTory, Wed Apr 11 21:19
          Hi Joe Thanks. What is the page number for this citation? It makes no sense to me that the term is an appellative for brigands when this man occupies one of the most prestigious posts in the world at ... more
          • Re: ChabiruJoe Baker, Thu Apr 12 00:07
            Hi Tory Page 25. In the Old Hittite treaty with the Ḫapiru (CTH 17) they were military men, with their name being written in Sumerian logograms as ERÍN.MEŠ SA.GAZ, and who were expected to... more
            • Re: ChabiruTory, Thu Apr 12 00:29
              Hi Joe Thanks. I've no doubt they could and did serve as military men, but this is little different than Aramaeans being used as such by the Neo-Assyrians. The Sumerian logogram is only translated... more
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