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re: Tanis and Psusennes I
Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:19

Rich wrote:

"Now something I'm confused about is Smendes, 1077/10761052 BC, seems to have reigned from Tanis before Psusennes.
"While Smendes' precise origins remain a mystery, he is thought to have been a powerful governor in Lower Egypt during the Renaissance era of Ramesses XI and his base of power was Tanis"

Perhaps it's a matter of perspective of significance. Hebron existed prior to King David but, due to his power, took on a new importance while he reigned from there. According to Gay Robins, though, there is no indication of building at Tanis prior to the advent of Dynasty 21. However, the town is mentioned in the era of Dynasty 19--but of how much significance can it have been? Even Smendes [he is given no royal title in the Tale of Wenamun] must have lived at Memphis some of the time as Wiki claims.."The quarry stela describes how Smendes while residing in Memphis, heard of danger to the temple of Luxor from flooding, gave orders for repairs (hence the quarry works), and received news of the success of the mission."

I am no expert on the TIP at all. I stick to the New Kingdom for my research. However, if you want to be literal about it then, yes, Smendes must be the first ruler of Tanis and he did have a prenomen so he was a pharaoh--or at least thought of himself in that light. He must have had a residence at Tanis. You have Smendes beginning in 1077/76--others give 1070. If one makes him a contemporary of David, then Solomon comes into his own around 1030 BCE--within the reign of Psusennes I. And that would bring us back to my initial post in this thread. In a book I wrote called "The Exodus Chronicles" [out of print as I changed my mind about the dates for Dynasty 18] I did figure that when Judges 11:26 states that Israel had been in Canaan for 300 years since leaving Egypt--that can only be correct if one accepts the date 1510 BCE for an exodus--which few do now or in antiquity. Then, if one accepts the date of 1210 BCE as the time of the destruction of Israel on account of the wars between the men of Ephraim and those of Gilead, [42,000 men being killed] that should be in the time of King Merneptah. If that's 300 years after the departure from Egypt, then 180 years later emerges as 1030 BCE, time for the temple to be built.

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    "did not become a royal city before Psusennes I, who had so much from the royal city of Ramesses II [whose branch of the Nile had silted up] dragged there." -- I just watched "Secrets of the dead:... more
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