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Mon Apr 16, 2018 17:21

Anonymous wrote:

"Marianne, you may also find it of interest that Flavius Josephus records an 80-year reign for King Solomon (Jewish Antiquities 8.211). So if the year of Solomon's accession was 1007 BC (as derived from Na'aman's observation) then his death would fall in 927 BC, which year would correspond to the first year of Rehoboam's reign. That would date Rehoboam's fifth year--the year when Shoshenq I looted the temple in Jerusalem--to 923/22 BC. Assuming that Shoshenq died in early 922 BC, the synchronism with Rehoboam would date Shoshenq's raid on Jerusalem to the summer of 923 BC."

You think it's possible that Solomon was only 14 when David died--as Josephus assigns him 94 years of life? He describes himself as a “little child” [1 Kings 3:7] although, in those times, at 14 he would not have been considered a child.

[205] So Jeroboam was elevated by these words of the prophet; and being a young man, 1 of a warm temper, and ambitious of greatness, he could not be quiet; and when he had so great a charge in the government, and called to mind what had been revealed to him by Ahijah, he endeavored to persuade the people to forsake Solomon, to make a disturbance, and to bring the government over to himself. But when Solomon understood his intention and treachery, he sought to catch him and kill him; but Jeroboam was informed of it beforehand, and fled to Shishak, the king of Egypt, and there abode till the death of Solomon; by which means he gained these two advantages to suffer no harm from Solomon, and to be preserved for the kingdom. So Solomon died when he was already an old man, having reigned eighty years, and lived ninety-four. He was buried in Jerusalem, having been superior to all other kings in happiness, and riches, and wisdom, excepting that when he was growing into years he was deluded by women, and transgressed the law; concerning which transgressions, and the miseries which befell the Hebrews thereby, I think proper to discourse at another opportunity.

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    Anonymous wrote: "This article by Nadav Na'aman may be of interest, as it links King David and Pharaoh Psusennes I: "Hebron was built seven years before Zoan in Egypt" (Numbers XIII 22), Vetus... more
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        Anonymous wrote: "Marianne, you may also find it of interest that Flavius Josephus records an 80-year reign for King Solomon ( Jewish Antiquities 8.211). So if the year of Solomon's accession was... more
        • Ages and DatesMarianne Luban, Thu Apr 19 10:47
          94 is a perfectly possible duration of life and one can't help but notice how much more reasonable the years of people on earth become with the advent of the Monarchy. Had Solomon been a myth, one... more
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            Marianne wrote: "It is my belief that Avaris could never be separated from an exodus in the minds of the ancient historians. Is it a mere coincidence that 1510 BCE falls within the reign of Thutmose... more
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                Marianne wrote: " I am of the opinion that Moses was still young in the reign of Ahmose, as Syncellus pointed out. This makes sense to me for several reasons." Anonymous: So did Syncellus get it... more
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                  I really don't like the idea that somebody posts here without having the courage of their convictions to do so under their own name. I thought you might be a reasonable interlocutor, at first--but... more
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                    Marianne wrote: "That's not an answer--just a patronizing lecture. Well, you'll soon learn. " Anonymous here: My answer was not meant to be patronizing but encouraging--as in encouraging you not to... more
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                      Jon wrote: "Interestingly, all the identified Hyksos kings; Khyan, Khamudi, Anat-Her, Aper-Anat, Semqen, and Sakar-Her, used that same title (Heqa-Khaswt), except one. The only Hyksos ruler to not... more
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