Marianne Luban
Re: Bahr Yusuf
Tue May 8, 2018 14:00

Correction--Eusebius did mention some more detains about the agricultural contributions of Joseph: "(1) Artapanus says, in his book Concerning the Jews, that Joseph was a descendant of Abraham and son of Jacob: and because he surpassed his brethren in understanding and wisdom, they plotted against him. But he became aware of their conspiracy, and besought the neighbouring Arabs to convey him across to Egypt: and they did what he requested; for the kings of the Arabians are offshoots of Israel, being sons of Abraham, and brethren of Isaac. (2) And when he had come to Egypt and been commended to the king, he was made administrator of the whole country. And whereas the Egyptians previously occupied the laud in an irregular way, because the country was not divided, and the weaker were unjustly treated by the stronger, he was the first to divide the land, and mark it out with boundaries, and much that lay waste he rendered fit for tillage, and allotted certain of the arable lands to the priests. (3) He was also the inventor of measures, and for these things he was greatly beloved by the Egyptians." Nothing about the canal.

  • Bahr YusufMarianne Luban, Tue May 8 13:53
    Let's address this in a logical fashion. In ancient Egypt the canal was known as the "mr wr" or "great canal". There is nothing associating the Biblical Joseph with a canal in the Torah or the... more
    • Re: Bahr Yusuf — Marianne Luban, Tue May 8 14:00
      • Re: Bahr YusufToby Anderson, Wed May 9 22:05
        I stand corrected about the canal. Toby
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