Wed May 9, 2018 13:59

Hello mariAnne
I asked you to back up your statement. You made the statement the burden of proof is on you.

I would be more than glad to provide the details as to why rohl argues that ramsesses birth name is shishak, and probably will, but my initial posting was a summary of 3 hours of lecture and then it sounded like u were already aware of it.

Now you made that generic statement, summarily dismissing rohl's evidence without even examining it or asking for more details, references etc. Is that the way academia works?

But rohl is not the only one in academics who questions synchronizing ramsesses with the exodus. This based on the ramsesses queen statute found in jerusalem.


  • re: Rohl, ramesses and ShishakMarianne Luban, Wed May 9 12:18
    Toby wrote: "Hello Marianne, You wrote: "Equating Ramesses II with Shishak is based on absolutely nothing credible." Sound's like you've studied all the evidence including that presented by Rohl." I... more
    • Rohl — Toby, Wed May 9 13:59
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