Toby Anderson
re: Taking License
Fri May 11, 2018 14:00

Since you are questioning Rohl's licensing, here it is:

"In 1985 Rohl became the first Director of the Institute for the Study of Interdisciplinary Sciences (ISIS), and editor of its Journal of the Ancient Chronology Forum from 1986. In 1988 he was accepted by University College, London and awarded the prestigious W.F. Masom History Research Scholarship by the University of London as well as being awarded a BA in Ancient History and Egyptology in 1990.[6] He is a past President of the Sussex Egyptology Society (SES) and edited The Followers of Horus: Eastern Desert Survey Report."

I suspect yours is similar or more impressive.

Toby wrote:
"Are you suggesting that research should only be done is someone is asked or paid?

Marianne replied
How many books does Rohl have now and how much does each one cost? Any DVDs? As long as there are people like you around, he'll keep writing them.

People like me?
What's that suppose to mean?

If writing books paints the truth black, then what does this imply regards your 17 books on amazon.


  • re: Taking LicenseMarianne Luban, Fri May 11 10:22
    Toby wrote: "Are you suggesting that research should only be done is someone is asked or paid? I hope you're not implying that... for there are much better motivations such as the desire to find out... more
    • gods of EgyptAnonymous, Tue May 15 06:50
      Re Rohl: Which god of Egypt is responsible for confusion? Good points Marianne. Your comment about dynasty XX and the king of Biblos when into my notes on the accession of Saul, one year after... more
    • re: Taking License — Toby Anderson, Fri May 11 14:00
      • re: Taking LicenseJon Smyth, Fri May 11 17:02
        Toby. You forgot to mention Rohl was a rock musician in the early 1970's. Ok, all joking aside, are you seriously interested in archaeology? I take it you follow Rohl's theories, but what about... more
        • re: Taking LicenseToby Anderson, Fri May 11 22:36
          Hello Jon, Yes archeology interests me. I've been a 'x0-moderator' on a Chronology discussion group for years, though, it is pretty dead right now. I am rather new to Egyptian chronology and I really ... more
          • Late Bronze-Iron I trans. (was Taking License)Jon Smyth, Sat May 12 14:47
            "What are some of the books you have read?" Hi Toby. That's a tall order to ask of a 60+ year old student of the subject. My central focus is of the Late Bronze to Iron I transition in the East... more
            • Bronze Age CollapseAnonymous, Tue May 15 07:19
              Hi Jon, So Bronze Age Collapse is your specialty. I am wondering if you have run accross any known synchronisms for Assyira during this period. Currently, I have the last king of the Hittie Empire at ... more
              • Bronze Age CollapseJon Smyth, Tue May 15 16:48
                "Currently, I have the last king of the Hittie Empire at Suppiluliuma II in 1223 B.C. just about when Sethy II died." Yes, but the Empire had fallen by the time Ram. III came to power. Hattushas &... more
            • Late Bronze-Iron I transToby Anderson, Sat May 12 22:01
              Wow Jon, pretty impressive. I thought about getting that Courville book once, but it was too much. Anyways I am just starting my endeavor into Egyptology. Take Care, Toby
    • re: Taking LicenseMarianne Luban, Fri May 11 10:25
      This expresses it perfectly.
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