Mentuhotep II in lower Egypt?
Mon May 14, 2018 13:09

Hi all,

What evidence do we really have that Mentuhotep II really united ALL of Egypt. Could it be that he only took middle Egypt. It seems that Amenemhet I claimed also to be the uniter of the two lands. Could one of the other obscure dynsties, say 8 still be ruling in Memphis during dynasty 11? Why do we assume that the 10th dynasty controlled Memphis rather than just the Herakleopolis Nome? Looking at the evidence, I see that it is fairly easy to interpret say the picture of Mentuhotep clubbing a Libyian as possibly being a mercenary of the northern Pharaoh that controlled the delta. I still cannot figure out with primary evidence who built the Sinai fortresses, nor does an exepedition to the Sinai seem to preclude another Pharaoh ruling in the delta. As for evidence at Saqqara for upper Egypt, why cannot it be contemporary with evidence for another dynasty in lower Egypt? It would seem that Egyptian religion and the priesthood was neutral ground some of the time even though contemporary dynasties may hate each other.

Item #1: Mentuhotep's claim to be the uniter --- conflicts with Amenemhet I.
Item #2: Sinai forts. Nobody seems to be sure if these were built by late XI or sometime in dynasty XII.

Item #3: Reliefs of clubbing asiatics and lybians. Seem to be political. Also seem to conflict with reliefs of the Egyptian king clubbing other Egyptian captives.

Item #4: Expedition to Sinai. Seems to launched from a port just south of Suez. The desert route to this port is even shorter than Wadi Hammamant in the south for an expedition to Punt. It seems that a southern Pharaoh could have gone to Sinai without bothering a northern Pharaoh.

Item #5: Lack of any Memphite remains for dynasty XI, or as far as I know anywhere else in the delta.

Now I've tried to chase down many an author just assuming that Mentuhotep had control of lower Egypt, but every time I look for the primary source there is a dead end or an interpretation that can be easily challenged.

Perhaps someone here can point the way to evidence for dyansty XI control of lower Egypt that cannot be easily dispensed with?

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