Marianne Luban
re: "Israel is laid Waste"
Tue May 15, 2018 11:13

Faulkner's dictionary is a good place to find where Egyptian words are attested. "fk" is given by Faulkner as "be empty" and the source he gives there is the Leiden Papyrus, "The Admonitions of a Sage". "fk" as "be wasted through oppression" he attributes to the Carnarvon Tablet, which tells of the attack of Kamose on Avaris. I do not have access to a hieroglyphic version of the text but do recall the phrase "laid waste his walls" [meaning Apepi] from it--although I cannot vouch for what word is used. With these examples, Faulkner gives "fAk" as "be shorn". He doesn't mention the Israel Stela as an example.

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    Jon wrote: "The Merneptah stele, aka 'Israel' stele, written by Merneptah, claims Egypt laid Israel waste. But does Merneptahclaim that he did it? ....or does this stele recount instead, all the... more
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      • re: "Israel is laid Waste"Marianne Luban, Tue May 15 11:40
        The Kamose text uses "fkw" in this context, which has been translated as "No man can settle down, when despoiled by the taxes of the Asiatics". [bAkw stiw].
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