Marianne Luban
re: "Israel is laid Waste"
Tue May 15, 2018 11:40

The Kamose text uses "fkw" in this context, which has been translated as "No man can settle down, when despoiled by the taxes of the Asiatics". [bAkw stiw].

  • re: "Israel is laid Waste"Marianne Luban, Tue May 15 11:13
    Faulkner's dictionary is a good place to find where Egyptian words are attested. "fk" is given by Faulkner as "be empty" and the source he gives there is the Leiden Papyrus, "The Admonitions of a... more
    • re: "Israel is laid Waste" — Marianne Luban, Tue May 15 11:40
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