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re: Sothic Dating
Fri May 18, 2018 10:47

Toby wrote:

"I've found 2 Pharoah's which have been dated using Sothic dating. I've looked at 3 'modern' sources.


1. Senwosret III (1878 BC to 1839BC) - 12th Dynasty
2. Amenemhet III (1860 BCE to c. 1814 BCE) - 12th Dynasty

"Sothic Dates of Senwosret III and Amenemhet III
Both instances of Peret Sepdet in IV Peret in the Ulahun archive — but
without specification of the day — are datable to Amenemhet III. "
-- p448, Rolf Krauss, 'Ancient Egyptian Chronology', 2006"

In the time of Senwosret it was IV Peret day 16. All you need to know is that the heliacal rising of Sothis was viewed in IV Peret, which was July at that time. The 12th Dynasty ended in 1786 BCE. Meanwhile, as is usual, the sighting of Sothis occurs one day later in the Civil Calendar every four years. By the time of Dynasty 18, reign of Amenhotep I, the heliacal rising was viewable in the third month of Shomu. That means many years had gone by--and from the sighting on the 9th day in the 9th Year of Amenhotep I until one in what must be the reign of Thutmose III by default, the sighting had progressed to Day 28 in that same month. It's possible because that pharaoh ruled for over fifty years. Within one more month of sightings, each day representing four years, a new Sothic Cycle would begin. A very important part of this is that, in the time of Thutmose III, the Civil Calendar was already pretty much in sync with the naturally-occurring seasons. And that is why he must reign where conventional chronology says he does.


"Recently Kitchen argued on the basis of historical reasoning that Amenhotep I reigned from 1515 to 1494 BC, 69 implying that year 9 corresponded to 1507/06 BC."

That's only because Kitchen did not believe in the High Chronology. 1515 is way too low for a beginning for Amenhotep I if carbon dating has any value.

Go here and click on the photo of my book. [I don't have 17, as you claimed, but the ones I have are full of useful information and ideas. I don't try to change the chronology, make any shocking assertions--but try to explain things that are puzzling to scholars and supply the basic information for those who don't know the subject at all well--at the same time. After clicking, type "Sirius" in the Search Inside This Book box and maybe you will find something helpful there. Not that you deserve any help from me because, even though admitting you are only a neophyte, you have been pretty rude to those who aren't in agree with your obvious idol.

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