Toby Anderson
"Israel is laid Waste"
Mon May 21, 2018 23:06

Hello Jon Smyth,

Thanks for the tips on Yurco etc.

I regret to say that I must bow out of this discussion at the request of the list owner who would like this discussion relegated to the New Chronology yahoo discussion group.

Best to you and yours,

  • "Israel is laid Waste"Jon Smyth, Sun May 20 20:07
    Toby, you wrote: "Ramesses, Merneptah's ancestor was likely the Pharoah that laid Israel waste. He has a relief on the Mortuary Temple at Karnak showing that. It has Egyptian and Israelie Chariots in ... more
    • "Israel is laid Waste" — Toby Anderson, Mon May 21 23:06
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