Toby Anderson
Re: Does Sotthic Dating disprove Rohl?
Mon May 21, 2018 23:35

Greetings Joe,

Fascinating background you have.

Are the Cambridge Ancient History 'booklets' your favorite read?

Thanks for footing the bill to this discussion group. Thoughtful. You might consider moving it to a yahoo group as it's free and it let's you upload files in an "exciting format, pictures, maps, etc", not just these endless boring words. LOL.

I'm not sure if I'm homing in on the boundaries here.... no Rohl, no Biblical history beyond Moses. Guys like Nimrod are forbotton, so I reckon at some point the Akkadians and Sumerians and Hurrians and Mitti-ians are likely banished as well?

Well, I guess just let me know if I cross over to the dark side.

Who are some of your favorite archaeologists?

David Rohl is NOT my hero, I've only just started studying him. I like him though. I like the old timers George Smith and Pinches. I like the new timers Eilat Mazar and Bryant Wood. Kitchens is kewl. I like Ron Wyatt. My favorite is a little known, one-book-wonder, named David Fasold. I've read his book three times. It changed my life. I don't like Finkelstein, but he's brilliant. Hats off to the Brits and Germans.... they're always digging around into something interesting.


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    Hi Toby When I started posting to lists some 20 years ago it was common etiquette not to crosspost. As for Rohl. I came across his book A Test of Time (paperback edition) back in the mid 1990s at... more
    • Re: Does Sotthic Dating disprove Rohl? — Toby Anderson, Mon May 21 23:35
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