Kim Sargerson
Re: Tired of the Games Here
Tue May 29, 2018 18:29


My previous post was not addressed to you, nor was it meant to be about you. This one is.

If you are tired of the games, then stop playing them. Keep your remarks to the point of what someone is saying, and if you do not agree, say so, and say why, instead of going down the well worn route of "who are you, to dare to question me?".

My attacks? On whom, when? You respond with these attacks when someone disagrees with you on an opinion and tells you why. This is not justified. I did once, to my shame, call Tory "stupid" when he failed to grasp something quite esoteric, and I apologised to him in my next post. Have you ever apologised to anyone on this forum for the things you have called them?

"Nobody missed you. But you couldn't resist popping in to accuse me. So typical."
I do not expect people to miss me. This is not a social site. I do expect people not to refer to me in the terms you have, or to attempt to invade my privacy just because I have given my full name, so of course I "popped up". To accuse you? You were doing the accusing, and I defended myself. I can see no other reason for you to mention me by name. If you cannot see the difference then it is no wonder you are always thinking people are attacking you (not your ideas, which are fair game). "Typical"? This sort of thing is the very definition of "ad hominem" and if you cannot see that, then you need to examine your own motivations and thought processes. If it is "typical" and you are factually correct, then you ought to be able to instance many other occasions when I have done this. You cannot. So whilst not being actually rude, it is an unjustified personal attack.

DW - does not mean anything to me. How long ago was this? As you were quite free with my full name I do not see why you are now being coy.

"Once, long ago, I tried the experiment of being someone else for awhile"
As I recall your posts under a pseudonym were short and to the point, as well as being recognisably yours. So no wonder they were received better. If you examine your posts over the years I think you will find that they have been treated exactly the same as anyone else's - that is, as serious contributions to a discussion - except when you start in on the person, as opposed to what they are saying.

My point is that the anonymi could choose, as you did, to post under a false name. They have not done so, which does signal a kind of honesty, but how much is something I am still wrestling with. I would prefer it if people could post here under their own name without fear. Sadly we seem to be well past the point where this could be achieved.


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